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Electronic games:

Oscilloscope pong for one or two players

Analog computing experiments and projects:

GK-1 analog-hybrid computer system

A Fourier synthesis character generator

A three-dimensional projective unit

A magnetic deflection display unit

A Rössler attractor circuit

A hyperchaotic Rössler attractor circuit

A Lorenz attractor circuit

Sprott Systems Circuits

A self-programming analog computer for chaotic Sprott systems

Telefunken's bouncing ball in a box: an analog simulation

Test and measurement projects:

A NAND gate-only frequency counter

A simple audio oscilloscope

Misc. projects:

A prototype 2-inch C.R.T. composite video monitor

Design resources:

My analog computing bookshelf

Coefficient tables for active filter design. High-pass, low-pass, 2-pole through 10-pole